Shipping, Production and Delivery

Custom Made

Individually hand-crafted to your specifications.

Each doll is custom made to order, depending on your unique specifications. After you’ve selected your doll, options such as breast type and eye colour are recorded to make your doll unique to you.

Once your order is complete, each detailed specification, including any additional extras will be immediately sent to the factory for manufacturing.

Doll Dispatch

Whether it’s FedEX or UPS – shipping is rapid!

With the final touches being added to your doll last minute, a thin powder coating is applied, then the protective wrapping is secured and your doll is safely packaged with all your paperwork inside.

As soon as your doll is shipped, it can be tracked online using the FedEx or UPS websites. A follow-up email containing a link to track your doll will be sent to your inbox.

Doll Cleaning

Buying adult toys shouldn’t be so dirty!

It’s extremely important to keep your doll’s skin clean and hygienic. Using the correct cleaning equipment and sticking to a routine is vital when using any adult toy.

Washing the inside and outside of your doll with the correct liquids and materials will ensure a maximum life-span is achieved with minimal risk of dirt build-up. For more information, click here.

Doll Maintenance

Like any new relationship, you have to work at it.

A sex doll is not just for Christmas, so all new doll owner should take strict note of proper procedures when cleaning, moving, storing or even repairing your doll.

Your doll’s skin is made to be as life-like and real to the touch as currently possible. This means that the surface must be free from dust at all times. Correctly storing the doll can extend the longevity reduce stress tears. For more information, click here.

Discreet Delivery

Not even the delivery man will know what’s inside!

We do not expect your doll to be anyone else’s knowledge but yours (and maybe customs). This is why we employ strict privacy protocol with all shipments. There will be no indication on the outside of the box describing the contents.  

Chances are – your delivery man won’t even know the contents of your shipment and we like to keep it that way. All you’ll have to do is sign and say thank you.

Order Cancellations

Life can throw you curveballs, so we’ll work with you. 

The minute your payment is taken, the factory begins work on your doll. This means that materials are purchased, time is pre-allocated and costs are incurred. We simply cannot meet our delivery guidelines if we did not work to such strict time constraints.

Cancellations made within 24 hours of purchase will incur a 10% cancellation fee to cover our costs. Cancellations made after 24 hours of purchase will be subject to a 30-50% cancellation fee as further production costs have been incurred.  For more information, click here.